Our Mission

We do not have a mission. We have missions. We are very small but we aim high so we have a better chance of realizing our full potential. We are willing to take that risk even if it means we bite a little too much to chew.

Our first mission is to help spread science literacy and health education by creating projects around the globe for the benefit of all humanity. This is done by bringing science literacy and health education to people by publishing literature and books on the subject, using blogs and internet technology and providing healthcare assistance to those who need it the most. As a result of this effort, we have been able to spearhead collaborative health initiatives to address the needs of many suffering from incurable health conditions. This includes the recent launch of a Pediatric Sleep Disorders Foundation for Children suffering from narcolepsy and sleep related neurological disorders. Medical advice to the needy is given by experienced and licensed physicians and nurses at no charge or obligation. We are all volunteers. (vist: ChildrenSleepDisorders.com)

The second and the most challenging mission that Singh Global Initiatives has recently undertaken is to help achieve social, economic, and healthcare justice. A publishing company, Science Literacy Books was born as a result of this ambitious goal. Since its inception, it has been working day and night to produce literature that is aimed at raising consciousness about issues of human dignity, poverty, sickness, human rights, discrimination and inequality, social and economic justice. Our commitment is to engage in the exposure of governmental and corporate corruption, torture, war crimes, and pollution of the environment wherever and whenever we see it appear in the world.

Please donate only if you truly believe in our missions. We do not want anyone to be in a position to be able to question the integrity of our mission. If you donate you will have full open access to our books at any time of your choosing.

For speech engagements by the Founder of Singh Global Initiatives, please email: Paul@​ScienceLiteracyBooks.com.