Welcome to Singh Global Initiatives, a Philanthropy

Who Are We?

Singh Global Initiatives is an IRS code 501(c)(3) philanthropic public charity. We are committed to doing good in this world. Our fight is for healthcare, education, social, economic and political justice, and restoration of the rule of law.


Bay Area ( Headquaters)

424, North San Mateo Drive
San Mateo, CA-94401

Founder President:

Paul Singh B.S. (summa cum laude); M.D. D.O. Ph.D
Author, Publisher of ScienceLiteracyBooks.Com for Social and Economic Justice


Georgin Sing Ph.D
Clinical Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy for Children with Sleep Disorders

Gina Dennis
Clinical Trial Specialist
Alcon Laboratories Inc

Rhonda Donadio
Barton Lane
Bakersfield, CA

Richard Hammerud Ph.D.( Phil), Ph.D. (English Lit)
Professor of Philosophy
De Anza College, CA


Hung Luu MD
Bakersfield, CA-93301

Tatsiana Lobovkina Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Chalmers University of Technology

Neuroscience Laboratories

Amir Nawazi MD

Sandman Technologies
Sleep Lab (Polysomnographic and MSLT studies)
Global Outreach

Selected Works