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Welcome to Singh Global Initiatives, a Philanthropic Public Charity


Who Are We?


Singh Global Initiatives is an IRS code 501(c)(3) philanthropic public charity. We are committed to doing what is good for the population at large. Our goal is to make healthcare and science education accessible to those who do not have it. We also stand for social, economic and political justice, and the restoration of the rule of law.

Singh Global Initiatives currently has two initiatives in place, a Children's Narcolepsy and Sleep Disorders Foundation, and a publishing initiative, Science Literacy Books.

The Narcolepsy initiative provides free healthcare counseling to the parents of children with narcolepsy and other pediatric neurological sleep disorders around the world through blogs, social media and email communications.(visit:

The publishing initiative, Science Literacy Books, is engaged in public education of science and health. SLB expanded its mission in 2016 to generating a new genre of literature intended for raising peoples' awareness about public corruption here at home and around the world. We expect that this initiative would help in eventually giving rise to a new generation of people who will be well informed enough to be able to fully participate in the political process to reform our society for better health, education and prosperity.(Visit:

We hope to continue to be able to introduce other initiatives aimed at increasing well-being of all members of our society and the world at large in areas that are of enduring public interest.


Bay Area (Headquarters)

2120 Avy Avenue
Box # 7716
Menlo Park

Founder President:

Paul Singh B.S. (summa cum laude); M.D. D.O. Ph.D
Author & Publisher of ScienceLiteracyBooks.Com for Social and Economic Justice (a Singh Global Initiative)


Paul Singh MD

Rhonda Donadio
Barton Lane
Bakersfield, CA

Richard Hammerud Ph.D.( Phil), Ph.D. (English Lit)
Professor of Philosophy
De Anza College, CA