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Support Our Mission


Our ability to provide health counselling to the needy, to disseminate scientific literacy, and eliminate superstition around the world, in part, depends on you. Our ability to carry out humanitarian projects for the benefit of all humanity depends upon the generosity and support of individuals like you. Our ability to bring about social justice and eliminate poverty in this world depends on your support. So if you do choose to help, rest assured that you will have full access to our books to scrutinize anytime to make sure that we are conducting our business ethically with transparency and follow all the rules of a non-profit charity.

It was decided the day before the founding of this charity that only those would be allowed to get involved who are willing to sacrifice their own money and their time to benefit those, who are most desperate and the most helpless. So please help if you can. If you can't help with money, help with your time. If you cannot volunteer your time either, help spread the word that we are out there to rescue the most unfortunate, and we will always be there to help if someone who needs our help contact us. Do something if you care about what is really important to 90 percent of the population on the planet that is suffering at the hands of a few.

Whatever you decide to contribute will give help us move forward. We try to introduce projects based on the passion and committment of those who are fortunate enough and are privileged to be able to donate their time and some money for others who are less fortunate. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do almost anything without at least some money invested upfront. We, the founders, have already invested a significant amount of our hard earned money on projects launched by SGI (Singh Global Initiatives.). We have no extra money, time or resources available to get involved in the politics of fund raising. That is why volunteers with passion for our mission is our most coveted asset. Perhaps you can help chip in to meet our goals and initiatives.